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Evolution of The Beautiful City Of Dubai in Pictures

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Dubai: A Pictorial Timeline of An Historic Transmogrification

Transformation showcases visible headway and nowhere else can it be felt more notably than in the beautiful city of Dubai. In the course of the last few decades, with its strong design, exciting horizons, super shopping centers, and cosmopolitan way of life, Dubai has transmogrified into a noteworthy traveler destination throughout the globe. In spite of the fact that the “city of the future” as referred to by many, has witnessed a massive change after the discovery of valuable crude resources in 1966, it has a rich legacy, regardless of the misguided judgments individuals may have.

The 1960s initiated the transformational change to what might end up modern-day Dubai, various spearheading activities, including the opening of Dubai Airplane terminal and the principal customary international service by Kuwait Aviation route the following year. The Dubai Council of Business and Industry propelled in 1965 pursued toward the decade's end by the Dubai Gold Market, perceived as the third biggest purchaser of gold on the open market at the time.

In any case, before we continue, here are some energizing certainties and misconceptions you should know from this course of events.
  1. Dubai is not a country. Perception they say is a reality. In the developing world, Dubai is believed to be an independent nation like the US, UK, and Canada by a vast number of people. This is a misconception that has gotten a broad affirmation in provincial social orders across nations of the world. Dubai is one of seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. Situated south of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai is more famous than UAE just like the city of Port Harcourt is to Rivers state in Nigeria.
  2. UAE being the sovereign established government is a league of seven emirates comprising of Abu Dhabi (which fills in as the capital), Ajman, Duba, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain.
  3. Each emirate is administered by a ruler; together, they mutually structure the Federal Supreme Council. One of the rulers fills in as the President of the United Arab Emirates.
  4. Dubai got autonomy on the 2nd of December, 1971.
  5. Dubai is the most populous emirate while it is the second biggest topographical region after Abu Dhabi. In view of the census conducted in 2005, Dubai which beforehand has a growing population of marginally more than four million people currently has an index population of near 10 million individuals as at 2018.
  6. Dubai has prevalently comprised of more than 8 diverse ethnic gatherings originated from outside nations like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, leaving just 20% of the population indigenous.
  7. Islam remains the overwhelming religion of the UAE.
  8. Arabic is as yet their official language while English is widely used.
  9. UAE Dirham ( AED) is the recognizable spendable currency in Dubai.
  10. Finally, Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most present-day and cosmopolitan city on the planet. This evolutionary change could be traced to the discovery of crude oil in 1966.

You sure must have been thrilled by the elementary facts given above, yet regardless, GistaDom Naija is enthused about uncovering to you tonight some chronicled photos of Dubai before and after the boom. Try not to be in a rush as you would love to peruse this piece yet again.

1. Dubai in 1930 VS Now

2. Dubai in 1947 VS Now

3. Dubai in 1950 VS Now

4. 1967: Here's a picture showing a ‘Cement Wharf’ near what is now Port Rashid. The demand for cement skyrocketed after oil was discovered in 1966.

5. 1970: Sheikh Rashid Road towards Al Hudaiba-Satwa, 1970 / Dubai waterfront 1970 vs Dubai marina today / Dubai Airport during the 1970s.

6. Dubai in 1976

7. 1980: Airplanes and Terminals used in the then Dubai Vs Now

8. 1981: Proximity view of the then Toyota building Vs 2016

9. 1985: Proximity view of the then Toyota building Vs 2012

10. 1990: Dubai in the 90s / Sheikh Zayed Road

11. 1991: Sheikh Zayed Road from Dubai Trade Centre 1991 vs Sheikh Zayed road today / What the Dubai Creek Golf Club looked like in the early ’90s. The site is now home to lush greens and the gorgeous Park Hyatt hotel / Toyota Motor Corporation Dubai Headquarter.

12. 1992: Dubai SZR Vs 2012 / Cityscape of a road in Dubai in 1992 Vs 2014

13. 1995: The then Dubai Building structure Vs 2005 Skyscraper

14. 1999: Aerial view of Dubai on the map in 1999 Vs 2016

15. Dubai in year 2000 Vs Now

16. 2005: The city of Dubai in 2005 Vs Now

17. Modern-day Dubai & road networks in pictures 

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